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Best rate in Kuna yala Panama.

We can help you to book your flight to achutupu Village

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  • We Help you to book your airfare to Achutupu village. It is a 40 minute flight by Airpanama to Achutupu from Albrook airport.
  • We dont offer Travel by car and boat directly to Akwadup from Panama city ,takes 7 hours trip.
Akwadup lodge
Guna yala Panama.

Brakefast, lunch and

dinner every day.

2 tours per day.

Room services

Guide services

all the internal


around the lodge.

Cabins,Our Lodge


CONTACT US ANYTIME : (507) 832-5144 / (507) 6070-0964 / (507) 6126-0737

Enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the warm Caribbean ocean.  Explore the fascinating and colourful underwater world of coral and marine life.

There are seven newly built cabañas which sit over the ocean, traditional in style but with modern comforts. 

akwadup lodge guna yala lodge 
akwadup lodge Panama Guna yala, cabins

You can contact us anytime (507) 6126-0737.

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